camere foto



           I was born and raised in the North Earth of Moldova, Bacau, Romania, where I have studied the art of photography. In 2003 I have decided to become a self employed photographer. For 3 years I was not known well in regards of my work but I have started to work harder in order to improve myself, my skills, my knowledge and starting with 2006 I’ve known success through collaborating with big names and companies in Romania. In my years of work I have gathered a large portfolio especially based on product photography, campaigns and architectural photography and working with top brands in my home country helped me to understand what companies are looking for and to define the difference between quantity and quality. I have spent a third of my life in my home country before I moved out. I am currently based in United Kingdom and established on long term basis.

          I am passionate about street photography, architectural photography, cultural events photography such as theatre and opera and portraits. I adore to catch instant photos in a journalistic style, instant photos on private events such weddings and christenings through which I catch people’s emotions. In my spare time I enjoy exploring new places along with my bicycle. One of my life purposes is to be as creative and positive as possible in regards of everything surrounding me. 

          Human experience is unique, dynamic and totally unpredictable and for me determines an interesting challenge to catch it in my photographic art. The ideal image catches the convergence of light, moment, composition and then when everything is aligned, the result is amazing. Knowing how to handle a camera offers an opportunity to capture a specific vision and allows me to share it with my friends and those around me. Finally a photo which is perfectly captured represents a moment of life which imprints history and this matter consists in a solid reason for me to travel along with my camera.

          My purpose is to show natural beauty, elegance, energy and people’s enthusiasm through my art. I prefer to focus on non- models and to shape people’s natural aspect. I am always trying to go beyond my expectation and to exceed them by surpassing my personal limits.

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